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POP UP Shop - December 13, 2017

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We're going LIVE at Live on Elgin!

It's officially countdown time!!! Emina Fae and Rowes Fashion ( are hosting a locally made pop up shop! The event will be held at Live on Elgin in Ottawa's downtown. There will be accessory vendors and our own pieces. If you want to check out what Ottawa has to offer for original fashion - this is a great place to go. We each feature pieces you can wear yourself, or great gift ideas you can get for your favorite people - or pieces to add to your own wish list. This is a great place to come and try on the clothes so you know for sure how they fit, because buying online can be a scary thing - and we get it. Best of all - there's no charge at the door, there will be drinks (alcoholic included), and fresh locally made sweets! bring your shopping partners and come see us! We will be open 4pm-10pm to the public. And again - That's December 13, 2017 and Live on Elgin!

For venue info:

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