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I fell in love with fashion at a very young age. Everything about clothing I noticed. The texture, the colors, the designs of the clothing I saw, what to wear it with and pretty much everything most people don’t think about. I loved watching Fashion Television and looking through the magazine pictures. My first real job was in retail and my skills came to life. I loved working with customers one on one, and helping them find the perfect date outfit, little black dress or the perfect fitting pants. After 10 years of various roles in retail Fashion, I decided to take a risk on myself and my career.

I finished the 2 year Haute Couture fashion program in Ottawa at Richard Robinson and was taught everything I needed to know to start my own line. Then I was able to bring my ideas and sketches to life. After designing various items over 3 years, I’m opening my official online shop. The clothing on this shop is all made by me, with extra time and care so items are limited.

The clothes I’m designing are made for women that do it all. Empowering and strong women, that multitask pretty much everything. They are made to be versatile to fit in your existing wardrobe, spice up your life (spice girls pun intended), and work for whatever surprises your day has planned for you.

The unique blend of comfort-ability and creative designs are guaranteed to be a go to clothing staple. Thank you to everyone for checking us out, and I hope you enjoy the clothes.

Ines Kljajic

Founder of Emina Fae